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Based on the experience of machines, artificial intelligence (AI) can perform human-like tasks by adapting to new developments. Artificial intelligence strengthens interactions by building a bridge between the real and virtual world. Artificial intelligence continues to gain influence in every aspect of daily life and business life. By making use of artificial intelligence in digital advertising, we can achieve practical and efficient solutions by having larger-scale and secure interaction.

Artificial intelligence enables innovative projects, changes and transformations in the advertising industry. It plays a role in providing secure digital advertising solutions and effective work by enabling advertisers to come together with digital advertising applications that are compatible with brands.

Brands can use artificial intelligence to prevent their ads from being published on inappropriate or unwanted sites. It offers convenience to advertisers by providing solutions for categorizing digital ads and placing campaigns appropriately. It is effective in developing new digital advertising strategies by observing changing consumer behaviors within the framework of digital advertising strategies. In digital advertising, advertisers want to see and analyze how their ad campaigns are performing based on important metrics such as viewability and brand safety rates. Billions of digital advertisements can be measured and analyzed daily with artificial intelligence systems. Thus, an advertising campaign can be designed according to the demands of the advertisers and maximum efficiency can be achieved.

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