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There are certain components we need to know in order to do design research, for example; users and the target audience of the company, the operation of the company, the delivery date of the researches, the existing problem. If you want to know more about your user or audience, you need to find out who the ad is for, the existing product, this information will help you understand your target.

Would you like to know more about the company you work for? You should not read web pages or Google information about the persons concerned. To learn more about the company culture, look for real reviews and people and ask them for their objective comments.

Understand the scope and purpose of the research to learn what should happen and what needs to be done between now and the deadline. This way you can organize your plans and steps. To come up with better solutions, you need to know more about the problems. Dig deep into the source of the problem and then understand the company’s history, how they started working as an organization, their vision, values. While searching for a solution to the existing problem, you will proceed in parallel with the general views of the company.

You should always be curious and keep asking questions, broadening your perspective develops your imagination. The more information you gather, the easier the next steps of the project will be. The more you learn about the company and the project, the more value you can add to their customers. This gives you efficiency and customer loyalty, which are our goals.

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