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The process of making the websites of brands compatible with search engines is called search engine optimization, in short SEO.

SEO method provide many benefits to brands, the purpose of SEO is to increase the value of the website, to rank higher in the search engine, and therefore to increase the number of site visitors.

The values that SEO method will bring to your brand are as follows;

* It allows you to create a more reliable image in the eyes of users. The reason for this is the perception that the quality of the content that is in the front ranks algorithmically is higher.

* It helps to increase your brand awareness. Being active in digital marketing with SEO method is a good way to increase brand awareness. Users can be attracted to the brand in a very short time with digital marketing methods, SEO is an activity that gives results faster than traditional marketing methods.

*It increases the visitor rate. The main purpose of SEO method is to enable search engines to recognize websites better. As this increases the ranking of the websites, it also increases the visitor rate. An increase in the visitor rate can lead to quality traffic and higher sales. The common goal of both digital marketing channels and traditional marketing channels is customer loyalty and efficiency.

*Increases Your Sales Rate. SEO method affect brand awareness, trust or site traffic, as well as sales rates throughout this entire process. Corporate SEO work, which enables users to turn into customers throughout the process, plays an active role in the purchasing process. Increasing traffic to the website leads to more visibility, and being more visible leads to increased sales.

*Gives Organic Advertising Opportunity. SEO work can provide great benefits, especially in terms of advertising on the Google Ads service. Under normal conditions, advertisements can be given for certain budgets, but thanks to successful SEO efforts, advertisements can be given organically. Especially if the rival companies do not work, the chance to rise to the first rank is quite high. This also allows brand awareness to be more permanent.

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